Auto Sales Events

What is an Auto Sales Event?

Investing in an Auto Sales Event is an opportunity to increase your sales volume dramatically – often the equivalent of a week’s worth of sales in one day – while providing an intimate and exclusive event for your loyal customers, as well as those you haven’t seen in awhile.

Results from Actual Dealerships


Why Invest in an Auto Sales Event?

Many auto dealerships spend tens of thousands of dollars every month, trying to drive new customers into their showrooms. Often, there isn’t a system in place to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. However, most dealerships now see the value in targeting their existing customer base as an ongoing source of repeat business. Auto Sales Events are able to effectively track the Return On Investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars.

A re-order sale is 100 times easier to get than a sale from an ad, or a sale from a cold call. What strategy do you have in place to stay in front of your customer in times of “non-sale” as much as you do in times of “sale” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Auto Sales Events Are


  • A 1-day Private Sale targeted to your existing sales and service customer base.
  • Marketed by using a high-impact direct mail invitation. Personalized invitations by customer name with a new vehicle image based on of their present vehicle.
  • Effective avenues to advertise your new products by showcasing your latest launches on the invitation.
  • Twice as effective! In addition to the invitations, live phone calls are made by our call centre to all invited customers to set up appointments.
  • Friendly, high energy, fun-filled events where customers are greeted and qualified by our consultant when they arrive at your dealership.
  • Interactive, because customers can RSVP on their own, through email or by phone.
  • Morale boosting – energize your staff with the increased floor traffic
  • Great source of Pre-owned inventory – take in trades you’ve sold and serviced!